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The current frantic pace of life of practically the entire population makes the installation of elevators in public buildings and homes an increasingly present fact. Added to this is the need for universal accessibility, to which the installation of accessible lifts helps without a doubt.

In order to improve the accessibility of a building, it is necessary to analyze the characteristics and locations where the elevator, platform or stairlift should be placed, since not all places are suitable for an installation of these characteristics. Likewise, the placement of accessible lifts in holes of difficult access is not recommended, as we do not forget that the purpose is to ensure accessibility also for the elderly and disabled. amazing machines.


Choosing a location for the installation of an elevator can be a complex task and sometimes a decision that is not quite right. At Disel Studio, we want to give you the options where your accessible elevators can be installed, so that you can choose the one that best suits the characteristics of your building or housing and the needs of the tenants. Pay attention on Stair lift for elderly



Before choosing a place to fit your new installation, it is absolutely essential to carry out a thorough analysis of the most appropriate locations and to develop a report afterwards on the measures and advantages of each positioning. In homes that have not yet been built, the advantage is much greater, since you can choose the most suitable on plans without having to resort to major works and renovations within the building already inhabited.

The main drawback of the installation of accessible lifts in buildings already built is that the places will be reduced and sometimes not adequate. It may be necessary to modify the structures originally proposed. In the interior of a building, the sites par excellence for the installation of accessible elevators are the following:

  1. In the stairwell. Taking advantage of the space left by the staircase on the ground floor is an excellent way to give performance to the available space. In addition to being the least expensive work, it is the easiest to carry out. In the installation of accessible lifts in the stairwell, the elevator can be finished with trim that integrates perfectly with the aesthetics of the building.
  2. Opening of new hole in the floor. In general, the elevator is supported by the building’s own structure, and a reinforcement is necessary in the area of ​​the installation. It is a relatively simple work that sometimes requires the transfer of space by the houses themselves. The door fronts can be finished in glass, veneer or custom designs of the client.


The installation of accessible lifts on the exterior of already built houses is, a priori, simpler and provides greater comfort to the tenants. The work can be carried out in two main ways:

  1. In the courtyard of lights. The installation of accessible lifts in patios by Disel Studio allows maximum optimization of light from this, due to the possibility of choosing coatings in glass. This type of work will require the consent of the neighbors, while the installation of elevators in the facade directly affect the public thoroughfare.
  2. On the facade of the building. It consists of attaching the elevator to the exterior of the building, accessing it through the common areas of the apartment or through walkways. It is equally possible to adapt to the aesthetics of the façade and the public road so as not to disentangle with the environment and achieve the best possible finish.

For the installation of accessible lifts, rely solely on Disel Studio

Get a universal accessibility in your building and have Disel Studio for the installation of accessible elevators. We are the leading company in the sector, and that can be seen both in our facilities and in our finishes.

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