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There are many messengers, and the fact is that every messenger has its own exciting features. It is features which dominate a messenger from other messengers. Nowadays messengers are much more than just for sending messages. Among the array of messengers, we have kik messenger. So what makes kik different from others? It is that one can chat with others while staying anonymous. One needs not to provide a phone number. According to a study, about 40% of American teens are using kit. There are almost 300 million registered users. So let’s have detail about kik messenger.


Kik Messenger was developed in Canada by the students of the University of Waterloo. It was first released in October 2010. About one million users registered within first 15 days and by the November 2014 its worth raised to $70.5 million. Originally it was developed to be used on smartphones, but later on, it was to be used on PCs. Now kik is the best messenger for PCs. One will enjoy it in the same way as they enjoy it on mobile phones. It is full of exciting features which become its reason of popularity.



One of the dominating features of kik is its anonymity. One has to provide one`s name, email address, and date of birth. Originally anyone of 13 years or more can register. Though there is the option of entering a phone number, it is not compulsory. Moreover, the company doesn’t keep a record of user’s data. They have no access over videos, photos or text messages. There is in chat browser for finding and sharing content on the web. There are kik codes just like QR codes to make connectivity easier. In November 2015, kik added the feature of GIF as emojis. Kik uses bots for the promotion of brands in 2014. This makes communication with customers easier. There are many other features include safe images.


Besides such amazing features, there are some flaws or controversies attached with kik. Parents think that kik has enough features to spoil their children. There are some spam bots which distributes unethical material automatically. Though company uses Microsoft PhotDNA to detect such material yet, they can’t control over existing texts. Moreover, there is limited parental control in the chat sessions.

Besides all these controversies, yet kik is the best chat app not only for smart devices but is also for PCs and for mac however one has to follow some steps to Download KIK for PC. Firstly one has to download any free android emulator for PC. Then Download Kik Messenger APK on any of that Android emulator.

Final Words:

Kik is no doubt one of the best messengers. Its friendly user interface is one of the interactions. It has resumed and retrieves chat to start chatting where it was left. Well staying anonymous is one the dominating feature to talk secretly while staying unknown with friends or dealing business deals and offers.

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