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Batteries using in RC vehicles are designed to provide more fun. Sometimes we see that our batteries are not giving many run times to our RC vehicles, mostly we think that the batteries are over used or we didn’t get the efficient battery.

But there must be something else we need to look when it comes to the low running time of the battery.

These days we have amazing chargers system that gives the correct voltage and AMP to our battery, A charger  like SKYRC B6AC V2.

SKYRC B6AC V2 is the updated and improved version of IMAX B6AC V1. It has now more accurate and stable features in newly version.

For the people who are using for the first time, it can be very complicated that how we hook up? This article is for you to understand the math of voltages and AMPs.

So on the screen, there are several different modes. There is the mode called “balance charge,” “regular charge,” “fast charge,” which is kind of just same as some of other ones expect. It fast charge allow you to do it much faster, but generally, you won’t use this feature very often. And next thing is “Lipo,” it is after you are done using batteries, you should always put them in Store to get the best life out of your batteries. And “Lipo Discharge” that if you need to take power out of batteries.

Math and understanding about SKYRC B6AC V2

These particular batteries can charge that has balance lead and the main lead on it.  Once we hook up our batter through side connector. After there are a couple of different options here when you hit enter, it swaps down to the different section; this is how much AMP when can put in. Normally depending on batteries either in 1C or 2C, generally mostly charge with 1C. Basically, for every 1000 is going to be 1 AMP.

You can even charge 3C, mean three times this number, so this would be up to 450 which means you can charge this kind of battery at 4.5.

The big thing is to make sure; you are careful about Math of voltage and AMP, etc., as I said a lot of batteries if it doesn’t specifically state that it can charge at the higher rate then you need to charge at what considered 1C actually so this will 1000AMP.

SKYRC B6AC V2 features and Battery accessories:

The SKYRC B6AC V2 use a single cell voltage balancer

This amazing charge in Lipo storage can store up to ten charges or discharge depending on your requirements.

You can check the battery voltage, the highest, lowest and every single cell voltage by this fantastic charger. SKYRC B6AC V2 allows you to change the voltage.

It comes up with detailed English manual user, that can better explain the type of batteries, Battery Accessories and complete guide about SKYRC B6AC V2 that how it could be the function.

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