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If you are a paintball battle lover like me, then you probably will know the importance of using right gear in it. Imagine that you are on a battle field and you see no one around. You feel like it is your moment to rush and reach the safe line. You start sprinting. A few steps and whack! A paintball hits you right in your chest. Then another at your arm. And another comes right at your face hitting in front of your eyes. But nothing happens to your eyes. Why? Because you are wearing a face mask. If it was not there, you would have gone through some severe injury but thanks to the mask that you are wearing that nothing happened. So, how to select the best paintball mask? Well, this is what we are going to talk about here.


Find a design that fit your face

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First of all, you need to get a mask that fits on your face properly. There are a number of masks available to you. But as one size does not fit all, you need to try different masks to ensure that you get the best.

While wearing the mask, the google frame should be comfortable on your face. It will be surrounded by the foam and while you are adjusting the tightness of your mask, it has to be comfortable. Moreover, it needs to be sealed around your face perfectly to make sure nothing goes through. Furthermore, the lens should not get fogged up which is usually a problem you face with cheap masks. Make it certain that your masks are anti-fog and there is thermal or dual lens used in their manufacturing. The single lens tends to be troublesome. You won’t be willing to take off your mask and clean up the fog after a while which would be annoying and dangerous too.

Full face and half face masks

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You may find it hard to pick among the half face masks and the helmets. The organized places force people under 18 years age to wear a helmet or full face masks. And no matter whether you are below 18 or not, if you are a newbie, you should opt for the helmets. They provide you more safety and no part of your face is exposed. Hard plastic used in their manufacturing will provide a complete coverage. Also, they provide some protection to your neck. Although they may add a bit of extra weight to your face. However, they are safer and more secure.

On the other side, the professional or advanced players tend to consider the half face masks. It leaves your jawline exposed. Moreover, it does not cover your chin and forehead too. As they are light weight, the players that play tournaments use these as their protection. Moreover, they are made with soft material which makes them more flexible and at times make the paintball bounce off the mask due to their softness rather than breaking. However, it does not protect you from the pain that you suffer when a paintball hits so it may not be the best paintball mask that you can get.

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