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Image result for Euthanasia EssaysEuthanasia is the Greek work means “good death.” Mercy killing or doctor assisted is another name for euthanasia. Who would be happy about dying, or select death deliberately? As everyone says, one has right to live and right to live happily in the same way people argue about do people have right to die? An average person with no dreadful experience of such situation will not support euthanasia. An excellent in depth discussion is done; many Euthanasia Essays are available which supports euthanasia. On the other hand, there is a group of people who are against euthanasia. So in this article, we will study both points of view. Before discussing arguments, let’s have some basic knowledge of euthanasia.

Euthanasia is of two ways:-
1-Passive euthanasia is the chosen death in which medical treatment is terminated with the consent of patient and family.
2-Active euthanasia is the euthanasia in which life of a patient is ended quickly through some life ending action. Active euthanasia is controversial. There are many countries in the world where euthanasia is illegal. Mercy killing is also the name of active euthanasia.

1-Let him Die (Mercy Killed):
Let him die is the thought by people who favor doctor`s assisted death. They think that any disease which is not curable and the situation become worse with the passage of time. Such disease is the last stage of cancer, mental illness, disability to move. Every situation in which painful disease is increasing and recovery is impossible. People who refuse to take medical care will eventually lead towards passive euthanasia. Cases of mercy death are not new and unpopular. John Shields a Canadian choose to die. He died not in mourning environment but celebrated mode. He was the one who welcomes death with dignity and peace. Severe diseases have long, painful and costly treatments, so people who can’t afford any of them choose to die. Euthanasia leads to the donation of an organ. So in this way death of may be the life of another one.

2-Live and let Live:
There are a large number of people who believe that every person has right to live as do they have right to drink, eat shelter or any other necessary necessities. People think that patient who wants mercy death is going through massive depression. Moreover, it is found that people specifically family wants euthanasia are least concerned with patient`s pain and are more concerned with patient`s property. There are some cases in which one seeks to end the mental and physical trauma a family facing.

We can`t suggest anything which is full and final. There are some situations in which euthanasia is the desire by the patient and family. On the other hand, there are some situations in which euthanasia or mercy killing becomes killing mercy. Abortions are also one of such situation which is allowed legally will lead towards some serious social issues. Remember spending on health is not charity. With this note, we want to end Euthanasia Essays by leaving conclusion on readers.

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