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Canadian law provides comprehensive rights to employees against wrongful termination at workplace bullying issues. Marvin A gorodensky Employment lawyers based in Toronto giving employees access to those laws.  Free consultation is provided and personal meet ups set-up  up to 30 mins so that client can remove the ambiguous questions such as

Do I need to sign a release? Is What is being offered fair? Don’t make these decisions without legal advice. We offer a free no obligation half-hour consultation. If you have a question we would be pleased to hear from you.

– Marvin A. Gorodensky

  • What is appropriate notice?
  • Employment Standards vs. Wrongful Dismissal
  • Should I Sign a Release?
  • Terminated for Cause – Where Do I Go?
  • Should I File an Employment Standards Claim?
  • Do I Have a Case?


. Marvin A gorodensky Employment lawyers provide firm legal consultation and a perfect strategy to make the laws work for employees when they get in confirtration with a strong and better resourced even can say with a powerful employer.

The strong point . Marvin A gorodensky Employment lawyers is their personalized service.

. Marvin A gorodensky Employment lawyer Toronto are well known for their immense knowledge and expertise which results benefit for acting employees.

About 86% of employees from CEOs to clerical most of the folks don’t have access to free legal consultation but they all need a strong platform or some strong representatives to deal their employment issues.

  • Breach of employment contract
  • Anti –discrimination laws like wrongful termination of an employee or take illegitimate actions against an employee
  • Accident compensation
  • Equal justify opportunity laws which include the right of an employee getting fair treatment when making complaints during the course of employment

Most legal disputes the best thing favor of a client is to lodged an early resolution. Many employees seek consultation from Marvin A gorodensky Employment lawyers whey are facing issues of termination of employment or wrongful dismissal. The most favorable for an employment law firm to approach is when the problem is being arisen or before the occurrence of termination or the reputation damage is being done. Unexplainable warnings, harassment and workplace bullying and appraisal issues are most common.

Often great results are achieved without the use of any sort of legal action in cases where the client want to remain anonymous and want to protect their privacy and reputation keeping in mind the future job prospects in strictly private and confidential negotiations. Marvin A gorodensky Employment lawyers are highly trained and very talented when it comes to negotiations skills. They are a master in achieving the best of best results.

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