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Do you love nature? Would you like to visit a place that can enhance your experience with beauties of nature? If you are planning to spend your next vacation in a beautiful place to offer peace and relaxation to your mind, then you should consider visiting Canada. You should visit the world famous Islands such as the Prince Edward Islands to have a life changing experience. You can explore both the saltwater and the freshwater Islands and can spend your evenings while observing the beauties of nature.

It is not easy to say how many Islands in Canada. The total number of the Islands is still unknown. It might be more than your expectation. It is estimated that you will find around 30, 000 Islands along the eastern shore of the GEORGIAN BAY alone. You just imagine how much it will be if you count the total numbers. Moreover, all the Islands will be different by look and area. There are Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Belcher Islands, Sverdrup Islands, Queen Elizabeth Islands, and Arctic Islands. As it is not possible to discuss all the Islands in this article, we will focus on some of the popular Islands and the worth visiting place.

Popular Islands

Baffin Island
Baffin Island covers the area of 195,928 square miles. It is the largest Island in Canada and the fifth largest Island in the world. The population of this island was around 11,000 in 2007. The climate of this island is tundra that means the environment will be cold throughout the year. If you love the wildlife, then you should visit this Island in summer. The wildlife remains more active in the summer due to the friendly climate. In this island, you will find polar bears, arctic wolf, arctic hares, lemmings, and arctic foxes. You will not find these animals in the open.

Victoria Island
The second largest island is the Victoria Island. It is second largest by the area. It covers the area of 217,291 square kilometers. It is also the eighth largest Island in the world. The population of this Island was only 1875 in 2006. People do not prefer the climate of this island. For this reason, only, you will find less population despite being the second largest island in Canada. This Island experiences snowfall throughout the year. The temperature is also not favorable for the humans.

Ellesmere Island
Ellesmere Island is one of the popular Islands in Canada. It is also the third largest Island in Canada. Besides, it is the tenth largest island in the world. It covers the area of 196,235 square kilometers. This Island is full of the mountains and valleys. It has many water bodies and landscape that are affected by the global warming. This Island is also one of the tourist destinations of Canada. A large portion of this Island remains covered by the ice caps and glaciers. The population of this Island was only 146 in 2006. The climate always remains cold and that does allow the people to live in this island permanently.

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