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In 1995, GPS satellite of the United States reached complete operational capability. It evolved from the 1960s design pure military application to the dual-purpose system that serves civilian applications. This is the reason why most people these days especially those who have motorcycles have unlimited access to motorcycle navigations.

However, even with the tremendous progress and success of the GPS Block 2, some issues have been observed in this kind of GPS particularly the availability, accuracy, interoperability as well as support for new motorcycle requirements.

To address such kind of concern for motorcycle navigations, the congress immediately decided to replace the old version of the GPS into its newest design, which is now known as the GOS Block 3. This is a kind of navigation that leaps forward and upgraded motorcycle navigations. One thing that really makes it more exciting is the fact that it remained completely compatible with existing receivers of GPS Block 2 despite the changes and improvements it has undergone.

Enhanced Accuracy

For the motorcycles, the horizontal positioning of the GPS is accurate within sixteen feet, but it is under the optimal clear-sky type of conditions. Oftentimes, the accurate accuracy is worse near some trees or buildings. With the GPS Block 3 for motorcycles, you’re assured that it is almost three times more accurate than the Block 2.

Increased Availability

Primarily, the GPS system was primarily designed to help you with naval and aerial navigations but those inside dense cities are not strong enough and resulted to some errors and lock position of the receiver. Even worst, the reception of the GPS can be immediately disrupted either intentionally or unintentionally because of jamming signals.

Well, this GPS Block 3 is primarily designed to improve the signal power that is emitted by the GPS satellites. This may result to deepening the reach into buildings and streets at the same time overcome jamming signals and obstacles. This is the reason why it is perfect as motorcycle navigation these days.


GPS always have global coverage but this is not considered to be uniform. There are some areas around the world with insufficient coverages. This is where GPS Block 3 comes to help you. This provides excellent interoperability that you will definitely love. Receiver can already read similar standard messages for over huge numbers of GNSS to enhanced accuracy at the same time immediate redundancy and locking time.

The Future

GPS Block 3 provides huge numbers of benefits to motorcyclist. Stronger signal that it offers allow navigations in dense urban places, forests and even with steep canyons and high-rise type of buildings.  Motorcycle can also gain some powerful on-board electronics and computers having advanced type of operating system as well as colorful touchscreen that displays digital maps and all other types of applications.

Motorcycles can also follow some automotive type of technology with decade gap to assure of safety. It will just take a matter of time and effort to assure that GPS Block 3 will be part of the motorcycle as an OEM. When this happens, expect that more and more motorcyclists will be supporting this kind of motorcycle navigations.

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