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Zippers are basically two sets of teeth that can be interlocked between themselves using a chain and that’s called chained zippers officially. To support the zippers, each of the sets of teeth are connected to strips of fabrics. Usually teeth are made of plastics, metals or any other kind of synthetic materials.

Why Need a Zipper of Specific Custom Length?

There are many kinds of uses of fabric zippers in real like. Many of them, in fact most of them are in clothes, bags and other apparels of daily chores. IN most of the zippers, the length of it are defined into a certain limit, which is industrially manufactured and supplied into garment houses.

But in some cases, we have to use zippers, but they are not of specific length. As example, if you want to order zippers by the yard, you can’t tell what length of zippers you actually need. In that case, you need such a producer who can provide you custom lengths of zippers with not compromising the quality.

The good news is such zippers of custom length aren’t far away from you. In the world of internet, you can easily order Zippers @Zippershipper.com and set your own requirements of zippers. They will receive your order and process the exact product you want and deliver to your home.

How to Order a Zipper of Custom Length

  • Step 1
    Select the type of zipper teeth. That can be of many materials like Aluminum. Antique Brass, Brass Meta, Copper Meta, Molded Plastic, nickel Metal and even Nylon Coil.
  • Step 2
    Select the gauge of the product. This is a number which defines the thickness of the zipper ordered. They can be of 2, 3, 4, 4,5 or 5 inches. In fact, some of the zippers are of 10 inches too. So, it’s important how you want it to be based on your need.
  • Step 3
    Now determine that whether the zipper should be separated or closed at the end. It may vary based on the bottom type your job requires to be.
  • Step 4
    The last but still, an important factor is whether the custom zipper would be of one way or two ways. It means that if you want your zipper to contain one slider, then it would be one way. Otherwise, two-way zipper would contain to slider that can open or close the enclosure.



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